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Sport SVG is the activity of people (sportsmen) organized according to certain rules, consisting in comparison of their physical and (or) intellectual abilities, and also preparation to this activity and the interpersonal relations arising in its process.

Sport is a specific kind of physical or intellectual activity performed for the purpose of competition, as well as purposeful preparation for them by warming up and training. In combination with rest, aspiration to gradual improvement of physical health, increase of level of intelligence, reception of moral satisfaction, to perfection, improvement of personal, group and absolute records, glory, improvement of own physical possibilities and skills sports is intended for perfection of physical and mental characteristics of the person.

Mass Sport SVG enables millions of people to improve their physical qualities and motor skills, promote health and prolong their creative longevity.

The goal of elite sports is to achieve the highest possible sports results or victories in major sports competitions.

Definition of Sport SVG

There is no clear definition of sport that clearly separates sport itself from other leisure activities, although attempts have been made to define the boundaries of the concept on several occasions. Rablais used the word desporter in the sense of fun. The modern meaning of the word was given to the Scottish psychiatrist Thomas Arnold, who studied the impact of exercise on human health.

The website of the SportAccord International Convention, which brings together more than a hundred international sports federations, offers a definition of sport that includes the following criteria: competitive element; lack of rules based on the element of chance or luck; elimination of unnecessary risk to the health and safety of participants and spectators; no intentional harm to living beings; and lack of monopoly of a single manufacturer on the necessary equipment.

A narrower definition of sport is provided by the 2006 Big Olympic Encyclopedia, which defines sport as the physical component of sport; sport is briefly defined as “competitions in various physical exercises and their complexes, as well as the system of their organization and conduct”. The Olympic Encyclopedia is accompanied by a brief description of the broad interpretation, which in addition to the actual competition and systems of their organization also includes preparation for competitions (training), specific social relations in this area of human activity and socially significant results of such activities.