Free Sparrow SVG Files

Sparrow SVG is a small bird of the sparrow family. Sparrows are the most famous birds, which with great pleasure neighbor with humans.

Description of the Sparrow SVG.

Sparrow SVG is recognizable by its appearance and for its characteristic chirping. The color of plumage in the upper part of the sparrow is brown-brown with black feathers. On the head near the ears and abdomen light gray shade. The sparrows have a small short tail and a rather powerful beak. The average length of the sparrow’s calf is about 16 cm, its weight is tiny – from 25 to 35 g, and its wingspan is up to 27 cm.

Where do sparrows live?

Sparrows SVG can be found almost everywhere. They populate massively the centers of cities and towns. The habitat is wide, with sparrows found from Western Europe to the Sea of Okhotsk, in East and Central Asia. It is common even in Siberia.

Features of the way of life and behavior of sparrows.

Sparrows SVG lead a settled way of life, choosing the territory, nest. The raised offspring remain next to their parents, thus the sparrows form large flocks. This is facilitated by the high fecundity of the sparrow, the abundance of food due to the proximity of human settlements.

Ornithologists, watching the sparrows, found out that a couple of these birds create almost for life. Life expectancy in sparrows is up to 5 years on average. But there were specimens of birds, the age of which was about 11 years. The short life expectancy of sparrows is connected with the fact that young animals often die in the first winter. Sparrow nests are found almost everywhere that a nest can be placed. These include balcony cornices, birdhouses, hollows in wooden or stone buildings, sometimes pipes and even piles of garbage. In our region, pairs are formed by the end of winter. During this time, sparrows (males) are animated, loudly chirping, waving and even sometimes fighting.