Free Southern SVG Files

South SVG is the opposite side of the world to the north, coinciding with the direction to the South Pole. In a number of Slavic languages the southern side is called midday, as in middle and polar latitudes of the northern hemisphere at the astronomical midday the Sun is in the south.

On the map of the Earth, the southern side is most often located below (although inverted maps are also known).

Southern SVG Meaning

In many countries, the south symbolizes fire, passion, masculinity, solar and lunar energy. But in Egypt and India, it’s night, hell, a symbol of femininity.

The Chinese have

The traditional Chinese feng shui compass Lopan is not pointing to the North Pole of the Earth. The needle bursting points to the south magnetic pole. The Chinese word for compass (Chinese 指南针) is translated as “pointing to the south of the needle”.

In the Incas.

The Incas’ south was at the top and the north was at the bottom (according to the Kipukamayok Messages, the first Indian chronicle of Peru, 1542).