Free Softball SVG Files

Softball SVG is a sports team game with a ball, a kind of baseball. Softball SVG is similar in size to a grapefruit, softer than a baseball and slower in flight. Softball is played by both men and women. There are several types of games: Fast Pitch – Fast Feed, Slow Pitch – Slow Feed, Modifay Pitch – Medium Feed. The Olympic discipline from 1996 to 2008 was the game “fast patch” among women’s teams.

In many countries where baseball is common, softball is also popular because it is preferred by non-professionals. Differences in softball from baseball are aimed at reducing injuries and adapted to the lower physical abilities of athletes.

Softball SVG History

Softball SVG was born in 1887. Originally the game was called mushball or kittenball. In the 1920s it got its modern name. International Softball Federation (ISF, ISF) was founded in 1965 and in 2001 united 122 national federations. World Championships are held: for women – since 1965, for men – since 1966. The program of the Summer Olympic Games included softball from 1996 (Atlanta) to 2008 (Beijing).

In the USSR, softball has been developing since 1987. The first tournaments were held in Belgorod, Tashkent and Krasnoyarsk. In 1991, the first and only USSR women’s softball championship took place. The champion was the team “Victoria” (Tiraspol, Moldavian SSR).

In 1992 the first open championship of Russia took place. The champion was the team “Black cats”. The second place went to the Bashkiria team. The third place was taken by softball players from Georgia.

Since 1992, the Russian teams have regularly performed at European and world championships and club cup competitions.