Free Soccer SVG Files

Soccer SVG is a team sport in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal with the legs or other body parts (except hands) more than the opponent’s team. Currently the most popular and popular sport in the world.

History of Soccer SVG

Games similar to modern Soccer SVG, existed for a long time in different nations, but the first recorded rules date back to 1848. The date of birth of soccer is considered to be 1863, when the first Association of soccer was organized and the rules similar to the modern ones were drawn up. The history of soccer began a long time ago. So, for example, in Egypt, and in Germany, and in China there were games similar to soccer. The most successful of them was called harpastum and was invented by Italians. But when modern soccer appeared, the harpastum was forgotten. When the British invented soccer, they immediately began to popularize it in all countries, including Russia. At that time, many English teams participated in the championship.

Rules of the game

A separate Soccer SVG game is called a match, which in turn consists of two halves of 45 minutes each. The pause between the first and the second half is 15 minutes, during which the teams have a rest, and at the end of the pause the gates change.

Soccer is played on a grass or synthetic pitch. There are two teams in the game: 7 to 11 people in each. One person in the team (goalkeeper) can play with his hands in the penalty area at his gate, his main task is to protect the gate. The other players also have their own tasks and positions on the pitch. The defenders are mainly located in their own half of the field and their task is to counteract the attacking players of the opposing team. Midfielders act in the middle of the field, their role is to help defenders or attackers depending on the game situation. Attackers are located, mainly on the opponent’s half of the field, the main task – to score goals.

The goal of the game is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal, to do it as many times as possible and try to prevent a goal in his goal. The match is won by the team that scored more goals.

If within two halves the team scored the same number of goals, either a draw is fixed or the winner is determined according to the established match regulations. In this case, additional time may be set – two more halves of 15 minutes each. As a rule, the teams are given a break between the main and additional match time. Between the extra halves the teams are given only time to change sides. At one time in soccer there was a rule, according to which the winner was the team that scored the first goal (the rule of “golden goal”) or won at the end of any of the additional halves (the rule of “silver goal”). Currently, extra time is either not played at all or is played in full (2 halves of 15 minutes each). If the winner cannot be identified within the extra time, a series of penalty shootouts, which are not part of the match, are carried out: at the opponent’s goal from a distance of 11 meters, five blows by different players. If the number of penalties scored by both teams is equal, then a single penalty pair will be taken until a winner is identified.