Free Snowman SVG Files

Snowman SVG is a simple snow sculpture. Snowman’s tarpaulin – the winter amusement which has arisen in ancient times.

Snowman SVG History

Snowman SVG have been known for a very long time, although the first evidence of them dates back to the XIV-XV centuries. According to historians, the snowmen appeared in prehistoric times, because from the very moment of the birth of fine arts for him any available material was used, and the snow was accessible and easily processed.

The oldest depiction of a snowman dates back to the end of the 14th century, and the Book of Hours (manuscript KA 36, circa 1380, p. 78v) shows a snowman fried on fire in the fields. Extein believes that the strange hat on the head of the snowman should symbolize the Jew, and refers the image to manifestations of anti-Semitism.

In the Middle Ages, snowmen were very popular, usually being realistic snow sculptures. Extein notes the lack of early written evidence, linking it to the onset of the small ice age in the XIV century, and the lack of newspapers before the invention of printing in the XV century. The earliest record of the snowman dates back to 1408, when the Florentine wine merchant Bartolomeo del Corazza (Italian: Bartolomeo del Corazza) wrote in his diary about an unforgettable snow sculpture two centuries high (about 120 cm).

By 1434, Arras had already created many elegant snowmen depicting Christian and historical characters (seven young men of Ephesus, Jeanne d’Arc, who had passed through the city three years earlier), frivolous figures of men and women. Brussels repeated the masterpieces of Arras in 1457 and held a sculpture festival in 1481, but the true peak of the medieval creation of snowmen in Western Europe was 1511, when Brussels experienced freezing temperatures for six consecutive weeks starting January 1. The improvised festival, known as the “miracle of 1511”, produced more than 110 sculptures in the streets of Brussels, grouped into 50 scenes with political, scathological or pornographic hues, including the later famous “pissing boy”.