Free Snail SVG Files

The Snail SVG belongs to the animal kingdom, the type of mollusk, the class of gastropods or gastropods (lat. Gastropoda). The Latin designation of the snail is the result of the combination and transformation of two words of ancient Greek origin: “γαστήρ”, which denoted “belly” and “πούς”, corresponding to the concept of “leg”. The Russian version of the name “snail” originated from the Old Slavonic adjective “tsilit”, translated as “hollow”. Thus, the snail is an animal carrying a hollow house, a shelter.

Like all representatives of the gastropods, the Snail SVG has an outer shell and torso, which form the head and leg. The body of the cochlea is both a means of transport and a belly. On top of it is covered by a special fold, called a robe. The space between them is called a mantle cavity. In the species inhabiting the salty waters of seas and oceans, as well as in freshwater reservoirs, in the mantle cavity there are gills. To create a constant flow of water that washes the Snail SVG gills, the mantle cavity is available:

inlet siphon, through which water enters the cavity, enriching the respiratory system with oxygen;

Outlet siphon for the disposal of waste water.

In addition to the organs that supply oxygen to the cochlea, the mantle contains kidney output ducts and includes a sexual apparatus and a secretion system.

Snails SVG who live on land have a mantle cavity that has changed into a lung of its own. They have a breathing hole at the edge of the cochlea or in the front of the muscular body to draw air into their respiratory system.

On the head of the cochlea, eyes located on the stems, one or two pairs of tentacles that function as touch organs, and the mouth are distinguished.