Free Smile SVG Files

Smile SVG is an expressive movement of the facial muscles (lips, eyes and cheeks), showing the disposition to laugh or expressing pleasure, greeting, joy, goodwill or irony, mockery (grin).

Smile SVG Biology

A smile is, first of all, a brain process. It all starts with the excitation of the anterior hypothalamic zone (and the excitation of the posterior hypothalamic zone causes a backlash of discontent). From there the stream of nerve impulses is transmitted to the limbic system responsible for our emotions. The muscular tone weakens, and the expression of the face becomes satisfied.

The ethology of a Smile SVG

Observations of gorillas showed that they open their mouths and cover their teeth with their hands, as if saying, “I could bite you, but I won’t. This is the kind of make-up scientists relate to laughter. And sometimes gorillas smile widely, opening both rows of teeth to almost Hollywood standard. Observations have shown that such a “smile” appears when a monkey wants to ask for something else or to smooth out embarrassment. If the game gets too long or too risky, the gorilla begins to “smile” at the partner – and this serves as an additional peaceful signal to keep the scuffle from becoming a real fight. The coarser and sharper the movement, the more active the game, the more often we have to smooth out the arising awkwardness, the more often we need confirmation of the status and subordination, and the more often on the faces of gorillas appear smiles.