Free Sloth SVG Files

Sloth SVG (lat. Folivora, letters “leaf eaters”) – a suborder of the detachment of incomplete teeth (Pilosa). Representatives of the squad are characterized by energy-saving way of movement and slowness, lead a single lifestyle and rarely encounter each other, but when they meet friendly, they are characterized by a sense of affection.


Sloth SVG the size of an average dog. He has a long, hard, greenish coat. Blue-green algae, which settle in his wet wool, give this shade of fur to the beast’s coat. On the paws of the three fingers with long, rounded claws, with which he clings to the branches of the trees. The head is small, covered with wool. His face is short, almost flat. Very small, barely noticeable tail.


Sloth SVG eat leaves, shoots and kidneys that are plucked by their horny lips.


Sloth SVG spend most of their lives in the trees with little or no movement. Once a week they go down to the ground to defecate. They sleep about 10 hours a day. They move at a speed of 3 m/min in the trees’ crowns and 1.5 m/min on the ground.

Sloth SVG have one calf, which spends the first 4 months on the mother’s belly. At 6 months the baby, holding onto the mother, starts to eat foliage. By the age of 2.5 he becomes completely independent. Puberty occurs at 3 years of age.