Free Skull SVG Files

Skull SVG is the bone part of the head of vertebrates, the bone structure of the head that protects it from damage and serves as a place of attachment of its soft tissues.

Human Skull SVG

The difference between the skull of a human being and the monkeys is that the human skull, in its form, is able to walk straight. The head balances on the spine, making the neck muscles less strong and the skull thinner. The front part of the skull is flatter and the volume of the skull is much larger in order to accommodate the enlarged brain.

In ancient Turkic culture

During the existence of the Turkic Kaganates, the Turks cultivated the custom of making a wine goblet out of the skull of the defeated enemy. For example, the Bulgarian khan ordered to make a wine cup out of the skull of the Byzantine emperor Nikephoros. Subsequently, the Turkic khan forced him to drink Slavic elders in teaching disobedience. The same fate befell a lot later with the skull of Prince Svyatoslav, when the Kievan prince was defeated by the Pechenegian Turks on the Dnieper rapids.

In European culture

Skull SVG as a symbol was spread in medieval Europe. In addition to appearing in paintings (e.g., the Apotheosis of War) and as part of the sculpture, the skulls were used as bowls, candlesticks and other objects …

In Hinduism and Buddhism

In tantric directions of Hinduism and Buddhism, the skull (Sanskrit मुण्ड IAST, munda) and the bowl made of the upper half of the skull (Sanskrit कपाल kapāla IAST, drip) are one of the important components of ritual practices