Free Shirt SVG Files

Shirt SVG – a kind of men’s clothing, refers to outerwear. Historically, the shirt refers to men’s underwear, but since the 1960s it can be worn independently, not covered with other clothes.

History of the Shirt SVG

It was only in the Renaissance that the shirt became an essential component of both men’s and women’s clothing. At this time, the lifts of women’s dresses, men’s doublets and sleeves make numerous cuts through which the shirts act as buffalo-shaped (so-called bouillon). The shirt gate also comes out from under the outerwear, so it is decorated with thick assemblies, embroidery, patterned braid and lace. In the XVI century. appears and becomes one of the most important decorative elements of Western European men’s and women’s suits collar, which reaches the end of the century huge size (the so-called Gorger, or “mill zernov”). In the XVII century, the collar and cuffs of the shirt become smooth, but are still covered with lace or made entirely lace.

In the 20th century, the shirt, as part of the city costume, was preserved only in men’s clothing; in women’s everyday life it was replaced by a combination.

Shirt SVG Coverage

The shirt usually consists of a collar, shelves, back, coquette, sleeves, fins (triangular piece of fabric sewn at the base of the sleeve, between the shelf and back). A distinction is made between shirts with a short (to the elbow) and long (to the wrist) sleeve.

Long-sleeved shirts are distinguished by button-cuffed shirts and cufflinked shirts.

Most of the shirts have a single pocket on the left side and the (unofficial) ones on the right side can also have a pocket on the right side, which in turn gives the shirt an even less formal appearance.