Free Shell SVG Files

Shell SVG is an external protective skeletal formation covering the body of some invertebrate animals and microorganisms. Conchiology is involved in the study of invertebrate shells. The most interesting from the point of view of practical use and collecting are shells of molluscs.

Shell SVG Geological significance

Shell SVG clusters of different groups of organisms play an important role in the formation of some types of bottom sediments and sedimentary rocks.

Skeletons of diatom algae accumulate on the seabed and form diatom muds, which subsequently turn into diatomite, quivering and hypostasis.

The accumulation of plankton foraminifer shells leads to the formation of globigerinic muds, named after one of the genera (Globigerina). The shells of large foraminifera – fusulinide and nummulitide – can play a significant role in the formation of limestones.

Shellfish shells are involved in the formation of shell limestone, and shell clusters of winged molluscs form pteropodal muds.