Free Sheep SVG Files

Domestic Sheep SVG (lat. Ovis aries) – a class of animals mammals, a detachment of ungulates, ruminant suborder, families expensive, sorts of rams.

Household Sheep SVG: photo and description. How does a sheep look like?

A domestic Sheep SVG is a small ruminant whose size depends on the breed. On average, sheep weigh from 40 to 100 kg, sheep – from 70 to 160 kg. The length of the adult animal’s body varies from 60 to 110 cm, the height in the withers is 55 to 100 cm.

The smallest breed of sheep is Wessian, or Breton Dwarf (Ouessant or Ushant). The animals are 45-49 cm tall and weigh 13-16 kg. Dwarf sheep are bred on the French island of Wessan.

The largest is the Gissar breed, common in Uzbekistan. The average weight of its rams is 160 kg.

However, the largest sheep in the world belonged to the Suffolk breed. It is a large sheep from the United States, which was about 1 meter tall in the hills and weighed slightly more than 247 kg. Thanks to these figures, a male male named Stratford Wisper was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 2012.

Sheep SVG head is long, pear-shaped, with a pointed face. Her profile can be straight, humpback or pressed. According to the State Standard, humpback, especially in males, in contrast to impurity is not considered a vice, but a sign of a strong constitution of the animal.

The sheep differ from wild sheep in that they are smaller in size than the brain of the skull and brain, respectively. It has narrow eye sockets located on the sides of the head.

Most often, sheep have long, hanging ears.

There are also small, barely noticeable, upright or curled into a tube ear sinks.

Sheep SVG eyes are rather large, almond-shaped, with horizontal dark pupils. On the outside of the lacrimal bones there are lacrimal cavities. They contain glands that secrete a specific secret. Together with the hoof glands that open between the fingers, they give the animal a specific smell.

As a result of the selection of horns of different breeds, the horns of different breeds are very different. But unlike wild ancestors, they are more compact in sheep.

Some breeds have only male horns and both sheep and sheep and sheep komolas (they are horny) or both. The Wiltshire head is decorated with horns twisted in a spiral with two turns. In sheep of the Hungarian breed they are straight and twisted with a corkscrew.

There is also a rare anomaly among sheep – a polygoniform: animals can have from one to 6 pairs of horns. The oldest breed, the Jakoba sheep, has two pairs of horns that both sexes have. One pair grows up and reaches a length of 60 cm, the other forms a downward spiral. Males and females of the Man breed sometimes grow up to 3 pairs of horns.

The head is covered with down, except for areas where lips and nostrils are located. Some animals have a fluffy bangs hanging down to the eyes.

A mammal’s mouth begins with very mobile lips. They can pick up every last leaf and grain of sheep, leaving behind bare ground.