Free Seminoles SVG Files

Seminoles SVG are an Indian tribe rooted in Florida, now also inhabiting the territory of Oklahoma.

Seminoles SVG History

Seminoles SVG are a branch of the window tribe that has lived in Georgia since ancient times. In 1685, one of the window communities moved down the Chattahuchi River. In 1716, a group of windows migrated to the territory of the present Florida district of Alahuas. The name of Seminoles was assigned to it. Later, their ranks were joined by groups of Indians of Creek origin, from the present states of Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, as well as fugitive black slaves from South Carolina and Georgia.

In the mid-nineteenth century, most Seminoles were forcibly relocated by the U.S. government from Florida to the Indian reservation in Oklahoma. A small part of the tribe – from 300 to 500 people – stayed in the south of Florida in Everglades and fiercely resisted the U.S. Army, which lost about 1,500 soldiers in the battles with the Seminoles. Florida Seminoles never surrendered to the U.S. authorities and proudly call themselves an “unconquered people” – they are the only Indian tribe that has not signed a formal peace treaty with the United States. At the same time, the Seminoles are part of the Five Civilized Tribes.

The Seminole tribe of about 12 thousand people owns lands in Florida and Oklahoma. The main business interests of the tribe are tobacco, tourism and gambling.

In 2006, the tribe bought the world-famous restaurant chain Hard Rock Cafe for $965 million.

Today about 3100 Seminoles live in Florida and 6000 in Oklahoma. Reservations in Florida: Brighton, Immokaly, Big Cypress, Hollywood and others.