Free Seattle SVG Files

Tourists rarely include Seattle SVG in the list of cities in the U.S., which is worth seeing among the first – and for nothing. Perhaps they just don’t know that it’s here that a huge number of American films have been shot (including Seattle Sleepers, The Call, and one of the parts of Austin Powers and Twilight), that a fantastic flying saucer has landed here, that a giant troll lives under the bridge, and that giants like Boeing and Amazon have preferred to settle here.

Also here was born the style of grunge and Nirvana, opened the world’s first Starbucks and was founded the first American team to win the Stanley Cup. If that’s not enough, let’s note that local seafood is considered to be one of the best in America, and near the city there are giant outlets and beautiful waterfalls.

Seattle SVG is located between the Pacific Gulf of Puget Sound in the west and Lake Washington in the east. The city’s main port is located on the shores of Elliott Bay, part of Puget Sound. To the west of this bay are the Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula. East of Lake Washington and the suburbs of Seattle are Lake Sammish and the Cascade Mountains. Areas suitable for sailing, skiing, cycling, camping and long walks are available almost all year round.

It is said that Seattle, like Rome, stands on 7 hills: Capitol Hill, First Hill, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne Hill, Magnolia Hill and Denny Hill.

Wallingford and Mount Baker are also located on the hills. The city has an artificially built dam and Harbour Island at the mouth of the Duvamish River. In the northern part of the city center, the Lake Washington Canal connects Puget Sound with Lake Washington. It connects four waterways: Lake Union, Salmon Bay, Portage Bay and Union Bay.

Seattle SVG is famous for its coffee shops (many American coffee chains – and first of all Starbucks – were created here), and the city is considered the home of the American coffee culture.

Seattle SVG is considered the center of education of the neighboring states – more than half of the population have higher education. Moreover, Bill Gates was born here, and Microsoft was founded here.

In the Fremont area there is a 5-meter high monument to Lenin – the largest in the United States. Its history is not simple: it was erected in Poprad, Czechoslovakia (now the territory of Slovakia), but it was demolished as a result of the Velvet Revolution. Then a Washington resident, Lewis Carpenter, who was teaching English in Poprad at the time, with the support of American journalist friends, bought the monument from the city for its further erection in Seattle.