Free Scroll SVG Files

Scroll SVG is a long sheet of writing material (papyrus, parchment, or paper), which can be wound up for storage in a roll, and is written across its length on such a sheet.

Researchers of the XIX century assumed that the hymns of Provençal troubadours were based on the author’s Scrolls SVG. Such parchment scrolls were intended for distribution of works of troubadours at their performance by jugglers, and songs of one author were recorded in them. This hypothesis was put forward by F.K.Ditz, and in 1877 this opinion was shared by Gustav Gröber. The author’s parchment scrolls with songs of troubadours were not known to the experts – they could be seen only on the miniatures of medieval manuscripts, but the hypothesis was confirmed in 1914, when the “Vindel’s Parchment” was discovered. Later on, Manuel Pedro Ferreira’s assumption that the parchment could be the middle part of a book or brochure did not disprove the original hypothesis of 19th century researchers about the scroll.