Free Scorpions SVG Files

Scorpions SVG are a group of arthropods from the Arachnida class. Exceptionally terrestrial forms, which are found only in hot countries. A total of 1750 species of scorpions are known, but only about 50 of them are dangerous for humans. Among them are the largest spider-like ones, such as the Imperial Scorpion (Pandinus imperator), which reaches a length of 20 cm, and relatively small ones, which are only 13 mm long. Scorpions are studied by arachnology, the science of spiders.


Scorpions SVG are the oldest group of spiders, the earliest finds of which are known from the Silurian. There are 131 types of fossil scorpions, more than 60 of which were found in the sediments of the Carboniferous period. Perm scorpion finds are very rare, and the only well-preserved specimen was found near the German city of Chemnitz. In spite of the external similarities, the Paleozoic scorpions (eurypteries) are not a sister group of scorpions. The question of whether the aquatic way of life was the primary one for the ancestors of scorpions remains unresolved.