Free School SVG Files

School SVG is an educational institution for general education. In a broad sense, the word can be applied to the name of any educational institution (music school, art school, sports school, martial arts school, etc.).

School education in the U.S. starts at about 5 years of age when children go to the zero grade of primary school. Primary school education in the United States continues up to grade 5 or 6, after which secondary school begins and ends with grade 8 or 9, depending on the state. High school is 3 or 4 years old, from grade 9 to 12. Secondary education ends at the age of 18.

Primary School in the United States: Academic subjects include arithmetic, reading and writing. Natural and social sciences are almost non-existent.

Secondary School SVG is called Middle School (grades 6-8) or Junior High School (grades 7-9). You are admitted here from the age of 11. During this time, students study a range of compulsory subjects (mathematics, English, science, social studies, physical education, and art) and several elective subjects (foreign language, art and technology, journalism, rhetoric, theater, and many others).

High School SVG – grades 9 to 12 (High School) or 11 to 12 (Senior High School). There are more subjects to choose from, and students are already guided by their goals in entering the university. Schools in America offer a wide range of subjects, from agricultural engineering to 3D design. You need to get a certain number of credits (for each subject you get a certain number of credits) in the exact sciences, social sciences, etc. In most states, it is necessary to pass 8-9 courses.

Graduates from U.S. schools working in the U.S. education system in Grade 8 receive a High School Certificate. From grades 9 to 12, students prepare for the final exams, after which they receive a High School Graduation Diploma. Those who wish to pursue higher education can enroll in colleges or universities where they receive a bachelor’s degree in four years.

There is also a special 13th grade – Advanced Placement Programme. It is for those who wish to learn more about the subjects in which they plan to specialize at the university. Graduates from this class can be enrolled in the 2nd year of university at once. The results of training in AR give benefits for admission to 90% of universities in the U.S. and Canada, are necessary for admission to top universities in the UK and more than 50 countries. However, it is required to pass the AP for a grade of at least 3 on a five-point system. You can apply to Princeton, Harvard, and Yale for an “excellent” degree. AP: This is not only the final stage of secondary education, but also a full career guidance, the best preparation for successful university studies.

A student’s grade in a particular subject is not only based on test results, but also on attitude to learning, participation in class life, etc.

The state examinations are SAT and ACT – general academic tests for general aptitude, knowledge of mathematics and language skills, which are both entrance tests to colleges and universities.