Free Sacramento SVG Files

California is probably the most famous and densely populated state of America with incredibly diverse nature, as well as developed economy and tourist complex.

According to rough estimates, one in three Americans is Californians.

California is also called the “Golden State” because it was here that the symptoms of the American gold fever first appeared in 1849. California attracts tourists with its famous beaches with cozy coves, stretching for many kilometers along the Pacific coast, mountains, picturesque plains, numerous salt lakes and river valleys. It is here that the world-famous “dream factory” – Hollywood, fashionable Los Angeles and picturesque San Francisco – are located.

But the main city of the state, its capital is Sacramento SVG. This city, situated in the delta of the river of the same name, is of great importance in the history of the United States of America.

Its history goes back to 1848, when the son of a Swiss emigrant, a rather influential landowner (it was on his land that first discovered deposits of precious metal in the U.S.) founded here his own fort and a small trading company in the form of a colony, called John Sutter Jr.