Free Rye SVG Files

Rye SVG is a kind of annual or perennial herbaceous plants of the flower department, of the monocotyledon class, of the order of cereals, of the cereal family.

Rye SVG – description, characteristics.

Stem and root system.

Perennial or annual cereal has a lobey, powerful root system that goes into the soil to a depth of 2 meters. Straight hollow inside the rye stem has 3, 5, 6 or 7 internodes. The average height of the rye stem is 80-100 cm, depending on the variety and growth conditions it can reach 2 meters. Closer to the ground, the stem is absolutely naked, slightly hairy and only under the ear.

Rye SVG leaves.

Flat rye leaves up to 2.5 cm wide grow up to 30 cm long and together with the stem have a characteristic blue color. The leaf surface can be lowered with small lint, which indicates good resistance to drought and tolerance to light sandy soils. At the base of the rye leaf there is a shortened tongue and pubescent or completely naked “ears” surrounding the stem, prone to rapid drying and falling off.

Inflorescences and Rye SVG.

The inflorescence of rye consists of one elongated ear, which is held on a strong, unbroken part of the axis up to 15 cm long.  Two-floral rye ears, of which 3 stamens protrude, sit on the offshoots of a tetrahedral rod.

Rye SVG grains.

The grains differ in size, shape and color. The shape of the grains can be elongated or oval with a visible transverse groove. Grain length varies from 5 to 10 mm with a width and thickness of 3.5 mm. The colour of the rye grains is brownish, yellow, grey, white or greenish.

The rye quickly ascends and rapidly builds up the green mass. Dense rye stalks are formed in 18-20 days after sprouting, in 40-50 days the rye ears, flowering begins in 7-12 days. The rye is a cross-pollinated plant, with pollen carried by the wind. Milky ripeness of grains occurs 2 weeks after flowering and lasts about 10 days. The rye matures 2 months after the beginning of earing.