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Running SVG athletics combines the following disciplines: sprint (100 m, 200 m and 400 m), middle distance running (800 to 3000 m, including 3000 m with obstacles), long distance running (classical 5000 m and 10 000 m), barrier running (110 m, 400 m) and relay (4×100 m, 4×200 m, 4×400 m, 4×800 m, 4×1500 m). All of them take place on the stadium paths.

Running competitions have been known since 776 BC. Running competitions are one of the oldest sports in which the approved rules of competition were included in the program since the first Olympic Games of 1896. For runners, the most important qualities are: the ability to maintain high speed on the distance, endurance (for medium and long), high-speed endurance (for long sprint), reaction and tactical thinking.

Runner SVG Competitions

Running competitions are held at special athletics stadiums with equipped lanes. Summer stadiums usually have 8-9 lanes, winter stadiums have 4-6 lanes. The width of the lane is 1.22 m, the line separating the lanes is 5 cm. The lanes are marked with a special markings indicating the start and finish of all courses and corridors for the transmission of the baton.

The competition itself requires almost no special conditions. The surface of the treadmill is of some importance. Historically, the tracks were earthy, hairy and asphalt. At present, the tracks at the stadiums are made of synthetic materials – such as tartan, retardant, regrouping and others. For major international launches, the technical committee certifies the quality of the coating in several classes.

Athletes use special running shoes as footwear, i.e. studs, which provide good grip on the surface.

Running competitions are held in almost any weather. In hot weather, long distance races can also be organized by catering facilities.