Free Rose SVG Files

Rose SVG is the general name of all species and varieties of plants belonging to the genus Rosa and cultivated by humans.

The rose got its Russian name thanks to the Latin word rosa, which sounds the same in many languages of the world. The Latin name of the plant comes from the Greek rhedon, meaning red. This was the name of one of the oldest varieties of rose – the Gaul, which really differs in red.

Rose SVG – description

The first to describe the rose was the ancient Greek philosopher and botanist Theophastus. He also substantiated the scientific characteristics of wild roses and garden roses, as well as outlined the main techniques of agricultural engineering and reproduction. As a result of the tireless work of breeders today, there are a great many roses of astonishing beauty, obtained by crossbreeding and long selection of several varieties of wild rose hips.

The height of the rose ranges from 20-30 cm in miniature varieties to 6 meters in long-bottomed roses cultivated in hot regions.

Some rose varieties have naked branches, while others have small bristles. The thorny rose bushes can be densely dotted with short straight spikes or covered with large curved spikes.

Rose leaves can be leathery, dense, glossy or elongated, graceful, with a pointed tip. The colour of the leaves ranges from light green to dark burgundy.

Rose flowers are between 1.8 and 18 cm in diameter, and the number of petals can vary from 5 (in simple buds) to 128 in dense-blooded ones.

The form of the flower has several variants: pompous (spherical), pitcher, round, flat, conical or glass-shaped, bowl, rosette, cross-shaped socket.

What color can Rose SVG be?

The color palette of roses is full of all possible shades, except for the pure blue color: there are red roses, scarlet, white, cream, apricot (peach), orange, yellow, pink, crimson, burgundy (dark red), dark purple, green, lilac, blue, black roses.

Below are the varieties of roses by flower:

  • Red Rose SVG: The varieties Amadeus, Belkanto, Flammentanz, Dortmund, Santana, Salita, Botero, Grande Amore, Piano, Cherry Girl, Girlguiding UK Centenary Rose, Out of Rosenheim, Candia Meidiland, Paprika, Roter Korsar, Hot Chocolate, Feuerwerk, Kordes Brillant, Domstadt Fulda, Jugendliebe, William Shakespeare (2000), Heidelberg.
  • White roses: Weise Wolke, Iceberg, Pascali, Avalanche, Frau Karl Druschki, Virgo, Margaret Merril, William And Catherine, Winchester Cathedral, Madame Hardy, Meifaissell, Kent, Panda Meidiland, Gourmet Popcorn, Alba.
  • Apricot (peach) roses: Grace, Caramella, Crown Princess Margareta, Charles Austin, Bengali, Rosemary Harkness, Bengali, Belvedere.
  • Light pink roses: New Dawn, Sebastian Kneipp, Schwanensee, Rokokoko, Winchester Cathedral, Queen Elizabeth, The Fairy.
  • Pink and raspberry roses: Queen of Sweden, Alan Titchmarsh, Spirit of Freedom, Pink Robusta, Jasmina, Maxi Vita, Fortuna, Wedding Bells, Hansa Park, Amulett, Young Lycidas, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, Louise Odier, Bonica, Terracota, Cameo.
  • Yellow roses: China Girl, Friesia, Lichtkonigin Lucia, Rugelda, Graham Thomas, Gold Spice, Golden Age, Landora, Arthur Bell, Golden Wedding.
  • Dark purple roses: varieties Munstead Wood, Falstaff, Ascot, Astrid Grafin von Hardenberg.
  • Green roses: Green Ice, Lime Sublime, Greensleeves, Green Diamond, Unique Green Rose, Green Planet, St. Patrick’s Day, Jade, Limbo, Melannie.
  • Brown roses: Black Tea, Julia’s Rose, Chocolate Ruffles, Estelle de Meilland, Leonidas, Coffee Break.
  • Lilac and purple roses: Rhapsody in Blue, Burgundy Ice, Midnight Blue, Blue Nile, Veilchenblau.
  • Black roses: Barkarole, Black Magic, Black Baccara, Tradescant. (In fact, these roses are not black, but dark burgundy. They seem black only in certain lighting conditions).