Free Rooster SVG Files

Rooster SVG is a male chicken; in general, the males of all the birds of the chicken family. Externally, it usually differs from the chicken by its large crest and earrings, as well as by its magnificent and often multi-colored tail plumage.

Rooster SVG is a symbol of picky and bleeding. Some nations still have rooster fights.

In Eastern Slavs and Christian mythology, one of the most important functions of the rooster as a precursor is the clockwatch. His singing means the beginning of a new hour, when the dark demonic forces act. With his singing, the singing rooster disperses the uncleanness until the next night. The singing of the third roosters – a sign of the even duration of midnight until morning dawn – indicates the end of the action of unclean forces.

The Slavs sacrificed a black Rooster SVG when building a house.

In Chinese tradition, a rooster with golden feathers, who sings three times a day (at sunrise, midday and at sunset), wears the epithet “heavenly” and is considered a human beginning, a sign of human strength “Yang”.

In England, until the end of the 18th century, a bloody fun called cock throwing was practiced, in which the public threw things into the potted rooster until the bird died. Usually this fun was practiced on Pancake Tuesday (carnival time). In some cases the bird was tied to the deck. Or those who threw things at it, blindfolded. In Sussex, the rooster was tied to a piece of flat matter of five to six feet so that he could not bite those who mocked him.

Rooster SVG in different religions and beliefs

Since antiquity, the rooster has been a sacred animal in some cultures, deeply rooted in various religious beliefs and worship. The concept of the Persian bird came into being after the Greeks came into contact with the Persians: “because of its importance and use in religion among the Persians”, but long before that in Iran during the Kiyani period (2000 BC – 700 BC) the rooster was the most sacred animal