Free Rhode Island SVG Files

The State of Rhode Island SVG and Providence Plantations, or “baby birthplace,” is one of New England’s states, located in the northeast of the United States, on the Atlantic coast. The capital and largest city is Providence. It is the smallest of the states, with a territory of only 3,140 square kilometers. Historically, Rhode Island has been known to be one of the 13 American colonies that declared independence from England and united in the United States.

In the 19th century, Rhode Island SVG was the “summer capital” of New England’s high society, and the modern secular public, mainly from New York and Boston, is primarily attracted by the beaches of the coast and entertainment mass events, festivals and celebrations.

Rhode Island SVG is a land of hope and freedom. It was founded in 1636 by the English priest Roger Williams, who preached religious tolerance for European settlers and the protection of the rights of indigenous Narragansett Indians. Leading U.S. policymakers, including Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, argued that it was Williams’ ideas that formed the basis for the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which granted citizens freedom of religion, speech and public assembly. Modern Rhode Island carefully preserves its historical past, on which the democratic statehood, so revered by Americans, is sometimes excessively pathetic, but always worthy of respect.