Free Retro SVG Files

Retro SVG, as well as retro style (from Latin retro “backwards; to the past; retrospective”) is a rather abstract art-historical term used to describe various categories of ancient things that have some cultural and/or material value and, as a rule, are uncommon in modern everyday life with its deliberate practicality and the desire to get rid of “extra” details.

Retro SVG Definition

The time frame of the retro style is somewhat vague, but fashion designers and art historians refer to the style of retro all fashion trends of the second half of XIX – first half of XX century.

The most common items in retro style are furniture, music, books, paintings, posters, cars, household items, etc. Mass hobby of retro style can cover not only purely material objects, but also penetrate into speech and language of the population of a certain epoch.