Free Retired SVG Files

Retirement SSVG is the termination of the state or equivalent service of employees holding a position (dismissal), as well as the release of a person from public office, upon his written request.

The resignation or dismissal of the head of the executive in countries with a parliamentary or mixed form of government is tantamount to the resignation of the government. The resignation of the US president, who is the head of state and government, leads to the replacement of the president with a vice president before the next election.

Pension age – the age of a citizen established by the state, upon reaching which he can apply for an old-age pension. Upon reaching this age, a citizen has the right to receive pension payments from the state. Many people want to continue working, but sometimes the rule “either a salary or a pension” applies. If a person retires and ceases to work, he or she ceases to be a payer of pension contributions (taxes). In case of voluntary deferral of treatment, a higher pension is subsequently granted.

In everyday situations, retirement age may not be understood as the age of eligibility for an old-age pension, but rather as the entire period of life from that point or, even less strictly, the old-age age at all.