Free Relax SVG Files

Relax SVG (from lat. relaxatio “relaxation”) – reduction of skeletal muscle tone. Relaxation can be achieved through the use of special psychophysiological techniques, physiotherapy and medications. It is believed that relaxation helps to relieve mental tension, which is why it is widely used in psychotherapy, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, in yoga and many other recovery systems. Relaxation, along with meditation, has gained popularity as a means of fighting stress and psychosomatic diseases.

Relaxation is especially effective for people with increased muscle tone. It’s proven that increased muscle tone leads to disease. For people with reduced muscle tone, the relaxation effect will be less. A sudden or progressive decrease or increase in muscle tone may be the result of illness.

Relax SVG in psychotherapy

The benefits of systematic relaxation sessions are recognized in modern psychotherapy. The theory of the positive effect of relaxation on the psyche is based on the statement about the relationship between the mind and body. It is known that a person’s stressful state of muscle tone increases. It is assumed that there is also feedback: when muscle tone is reduced, mental tension is reduced. In such a case, the reduction of mental tension can be achieved by deep muscle relaxation.

The most important concept in relaxation with psychotherapeutic purposes is generalization, i.e. the spread and consolidation of the relaxation effect. Non-systematic and superficial relaxation activities give a temporary, incomplete effect. Only regular exercises in compliance with the technique lead to a stable generalization of the effect and a long-term positive effect of relaxation.