Free Rebels SVG Files

Rebellion SVG is a type of mass riot against the existing power, usually not leading to a change of political order in the state, country or region.

Political actions in this category tend to separate from the other two main types of political actions: revolutions and reforms. The main difference between the uprising and the revolution is that the revolution aims to radically change the structure of power in society, radically change its political system, while the goal of the uprising is often limited to the change of government. For example, the purpose of the Boxing Uprising in China was to establish a strong government in the place of a weak, fragmented government at the time. The British Jacobite uprisings aimed to restore the Stuart throne, not to overthrow the British monarchy itself.

Depending on the historical epoch and the social composition of the participants, these actions vary in terms of their intensity, duration, opportunities for success, levels of organization, and the spiritual and psychological impulses that inspire the participants. Methods may include non-violent methods such as civil disobedience (e.g., the actions of Gandhi in the Indian independence movement), civil strife (e.g., opposition to the actions of the GKChP in Moscow in August 1991) and other forms of non-violent resistance. The uprising can also take violent forms and become a military campaign. The people who take part in the uprising (usually armed) are called Rebels SVG.

Throughout history, the term “rebels” has been used to refer to a wide variety of groups of people who have opposed the government. For example, in U.S. history, the term was first used by the British to refer to people who were in the Continental Army during the War of Independence, and then by the United States to the Confederation during the Civil War. In Russia, this term was applied to the participants of the Pugachev Riot.