Free Raven SVG Files

Raven SVG is a bird species of crows.

Raven SVG Appearance

This is the largest representative of passerines: body length reaches 60-70 cm, wingspan 120-150 cm, weight 800-1600 g (according to other data, up to 2000 g). Other characteristic features are: a very massive, tall and sharp beak, and elongated feathers on the throat (the so-called “beard”). Highly flying birds can be identified by the longer and narrower wings compared to other ravens, as well as by the wedge-shaped tail. Flying ravens make rarer wingspaces than their closest relatives. Males are slightly larger than females.

There are no sexual differences in the coloring of the feather cover. The whole body is monotonous, like black crow and rook. The plumage of an adult is black with a metallic tint – bluish or purple from above, and greenish from below. In young feather-black plumage without shine. Black coloring of the crow gives it a number of advantages in both cold and hot climates. Dark feathers absorb solar energy, reducing the temperature difference between them and the skin, which in low temperatures gives an energy advantage over other similar in size but light colored birds. In the hot desert, the bird is very active in the early morning and late evening hours, specializing in catching twilight animals. Dark plumage also hides the bird well in the twilight along the roads and in the rubbish piles. Not only the plumage, but also the beak and black crow legs. The iris is dark brown.

Raven SVG Features of behavior

Raven SVG is a careful bird. He knows how to move around the ground well. Before the flight, the raven makes a few jumps. Flying is more like flying a bird of prey than flying other ravens. Ravens are one of the few birds able to perform maneuvers similar to aerobatics: a controlled barrel and a half-barrel.

The bird has patience; if waiting before making a decision can give more than any action, the raven will wait. Patience is calculated in minutes, allowing this ability to be demonstrated at the primate level.

Also, the raven has gestures to attract the attention of his relatives: for this purpose, an object is taken in the beak (any object that can be found nearby) and shown to other ravens. At the first moment, the object attracts attention, but then contact is made with the submitter of the sign. This tactic is similar to the actions of young children who try to attract attention.

The degree of socialization of the raven is quite low: during the year, the birds are mostly kept apart in pairs, although in late autumn and winter they can unite with other birds of their species for the night.