Free Ram SVG Files

The Ram SVG is a mammal belonging to the group of ungulates, the family of polorozhye, the family of rams.

The Russian name of the family, pronounced as “boran”, has been known since ancient times. Its origin is associated with the consonant Albanian word “berr”, meaning “small cattle”, or a similar Greek concept of “bario”.

The size of the Ram SVG is from 1.4 to 1.8 meters. Depending on the type of species, the weight of the ram varies from 25 to 220 kg, and the height in the withers – from 65 to 125 cm.

A characteristic feature of the kind of rams are the massive spiral-shaped horns with small transversal incisions directed to the sides, sitting on a small elongated head. Horns of sheep can reach 180 cm, although there are species with small horns or even without them. Quite high and strong legs are perfectly adapted for walking both on flat fields and on mountain slopes. The tail of a ram has a length from 7 to 15 cm.

Thanks to a lateral arrangement of eyes with horizontal pupils of a Ram SVG possess ability not turning a head to see the surrounding conditions which is behind them. Zoologists assume that the ram’s eyes can perceive a color picture. This, along with developed sense of smell and hearing, helps rams to find food or hide from the enemy.

A female Ram SVG is a sheep. Sex differences between male and female sheep are manifested in the size of the body (sheep are almost 2 times larger than sheep) and horns (males have much better horns than females). But the coloring of the fur coat does not depend on the sex signs. In all individuals within the species the coloring is almost identical. Color of sheep and ram is brownish-brown, yellow-brown, grey-red, white, light grey, dark brown and even black. Almost all sheep species have belly and bottom of legs of light, almost white color. All species of the genus, except domestic species, have seasonal moulting.

A Ram SVG is an animal leading a herd lifestyle. The members of the herd communicate with each other with the help of puke or a kind of snorting. The ram’s voice is bleaching, different in tone. Often the members of the herd distinguish each other by their voice.

Average life expectancy of a ram in natural conditions varies from 7 to 12 years, although some individuals live to 15 years. In captivity rams live 10-15 years, and at good leaving can live to 20 years.