Free Rabbit SVG Files

Rabbit SVG is a mammal that belongs to the rabbit family. These animals are not only bred for the sake of meat and fur, but also kept at home as decorative pets.

Rabbit SVG – description, structure, characteristics.

Rabbit SVG has a well-fed body of oval shape and fairly large ears up to 10 cm. The adult body size ranges from 20 to 55 cm, and the weight of the rabbit varies from 400 g to 2 kg and more.

The largest rabbit in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, belongs to the Riesen breed and lives in the UK. The name of this giant is Darius. At a body length of 1 m 29 cm the weight of the animal is 22 kg.

Rabbits have large and powerful hind limbs. Front legs are five-finger, hind legs are four-finger. Fingers end up with strong sharp claws. Rabbits are of the type of finger animals, and when walking they support the fingertips.

Rabbit SVG has a unique digestive system: its blind intestine is 10 times the size of the stomach. The intestinal musculature divides the food consumed by the rabbit by:

Fibrous structures that are excreted as faeces,

on nutrients rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, “packed” in mucous bags and released from the body as cycotrophs.

Rabbits SVG eat their cycotrophs, thus satisfying the nutritional needs of the body for important nutrients.

The rabbit’s coat is long and soft, and the colouring includes various variations of grey, brown and yellow, although rabbits with a monochrome fur colour are often found.

In the course of evolution, rabbits have been given the role of animal victims with many enemies, so that the speed of the rabbit running away with zigzag jumps can reach 30 km/h, and individual individuals can run at speeds of up to 56 km/h. In the event of danger, rabbits drum with their hind legs on the ground, warning their relatives of the threat. Once caught, the rabbit makes use of its weapons – powerful hind legs and rather sensitive bites of sharp incisors.

Rabbits have many enemies in their natural habitat. Eared animals are hunted by coyotes and foxes, will not refuse to eat his dietetic owl meat, eagle hawks, quite easily defeated by a rabbit ferret, lynx and cougar, and in tropical latitudes, rabbits are often hunted by an anaconda.