Free Pumpkin SVG Files

Pumpkin SVG is a family of herbaceous plants of the Pumpkin family (Cucurbitaceae).

Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) and Pumpkin giant (Cucurbita maxima) are widely spread and cultivated as food and fodder plants.

Pumpkin SVG Botanical description

Annual or perennial hard-coat or hairy herbs. The stems, which are stuck on the ground and clinging with the help of branchy antennae, are covered with more or less large blade leaves.

Large, yellow or white flowers sitting alone or in bundles; single-sex flowers (single-house plants). The calyx and corolla are bell or crowned with five (rarely four to seven) lobes; the stamens were soldered with anthers in the head, the anthers were twisted; in the female flower there are three to five staminodias and pistils, with a thick short column, with a three- or five-bladed stigma and a lower, 3-5 nested multiseed ovary.

Fruit is a pumpkin, usually with a hard outer layer (bark) and numerous flattened, framed by thick bloating seeds, without protein.

Pumpkin SVG History

Application in Aztecs

In the work “General History of New Spain” (1547-1577) Bernardino de Sahagún, relying on the information of the Aztecs about the properties of plants, gave various information about the pumpkin (and its varieties), in particular, that:

Pumpkin flowers are called ayoshkylitol. They also eat them cooked. They are bright yellow and prickly, they are cleaned to boil, removing thick skin from above. Gourds or pumpkin stems are also eaten boiled… Local edible pumpkins. Ayotley, or yekaotly. It is cylindrical in shape, wide, wide at the edges. Tamalayotli has curls, seeds like cocoa, she has seeds, she has insides. It’s blossoming, sweet, pale, salty, ashy, tasteless. She’s got a hard stem. It’s juicy. She has ropes, porous pumpkin flesh, open flowers, pumpkin petals. It’s edible raw. Doesn’t hurt people; it’s cooked; it’s moderately edible. Causes a bloated abdomen. Another variety of smooth and painted pumpkins.

Cilicaiotley. It is round, dyed, dyed as quail… Usually its seed is white, tasty, pleasant, very tasty, delicious, delicious, oily, watery, dirty things.

Pumpkin SVG Usage

Unlike the decorative ones, edible pumpkins are used as food. After heat treatment, boiled or baked pumpkin is very well assimilated by the body and is widely used even for children’s and dietetic food. Also well used for salads and side dishes.

Undivided pumpkins have been preserved for a long time, so they have been used in farms for a long time. There are a lot of old dishes of Russian cuisine, including pumpkin. In the XVII century, in Charles Perrault’s fairy tale “Cinderella” the fairy made a carriage of pumpkin as a product, which is always available in the kitchen, even the poorest.

Pumpkin seeds are used as medicinal raw materials – mature, cleaned of pericarp residues and dried seeds without heating. They are dried outdoors under canopies or in well-ventilated attics with a thin layer of spillage. If the drying rules are not followed, they become dark, mouldy and odourless. Use pumpkin seeds as an anti-white agent against bandworm worms.

In Central Asia, pumpkins are used to make beverage vessels and cages for small singing birds.