Free Principal SVG Files

Principal SVG – head of the department in higher education institutions, as a rule, a professor, doctor of sciences.

Under his leadership professors, associate professors, assistants, senior lecturers, leading, senior and junior researchers, post-graduate students and other employees of the department work, the work of educational laboratories and classrooms is organized. The Principal SVG bears personal responsibility for the organization of educational, methodical, scientific (including training of post-graduate students) and other works at the department.

Usually the Principals are also members of the Faculty Academic Council and/or a higher education institution.

The Principal SVG is obliged:

  • To work out a strategy of development of activity of faculty on directions of preparation, to strengthen and develop external relations with employers and educational management bodies.
  • To form proposals for improving the organization (optimization) of the educational process on the profile of the department.
  • To organize the inter-faculty, interuniversity, international interaction of teachers of the department.
  • Ensure the implementation of the state educational standard.
  • Create conditions for the formation of competencies in students, ensuring the success of future professional activities of graduates.
  • Participate in the development of the quality system of training and ensure its implementation.
  • Identify teaching and learning methods and tools to ensure the quality of the learning process.
  • Organize and monitor the implementation of all types of training sessions in all forms and levels of training.
  • Regularly hold meetings of the department to discuss planned and current issues of educational, scientific, methodical activities and educational work of the department employees.
  • To prepare conclusions on the curricula and disciplines of the department, on the curricula of other departments of the faculty (institute).
  • To create and read author’s courses on disciplines taught at the department.
  • To submit for approval to the dean of faculty (director of institute) plans of work of faculty and individual plans of work of teachers of faculty. To carry out the control over the execution of the work plans of the department and the individual work plans of teachers of the department.
  • To carry out the distribution of pedagogical load and definition of functional duties among the employees of the department and to control the timeliness and quality of their performance.
  • To select new information technologies in the conduct of training sessions and to ensure that they can be used.
  • To organize and control the educational and production practices of students, coursework and diploma works.
  • To control the progress (quality) of the intermediate certification and current control of students in individual subjects; to analyze their results and report on them at meetings of the department.
  • Organize on behalf of the faculty (institute) management research work at the department, consider dissertations submitted to the defense of employees of the department or candidates for an academic degree.
  • Manage the research work of teachers and students.
  • Manage the training of graduate students, applicants and doctoral candidates.
  • Organize discussion of completed research and development works and the results of their implementation.
  • Provide opinions on textbooks, teaching and learning materials. Organize the work and take a direct part in the preparation of textbooks, visual aids and teaching materials of the department.
  • To control the quality of works and fulfillment of individual plans of the faculty members and other employees.
  • To conduct pedagogical and research work at the department.
  • To study, generalize and distribute the experience of the teachers of the department, to provide educational and methodical assistance to the beginners of the department.
  • Manage the training of scientific and pedagogical staff.
  • To plan and control the professional development of the faculty members of the department and to implement its results in the educational process.
  • To participate in the work of methodical commissions of the University in the areas of training, to establish links with other educational institutions and other organizations in order to provide scientific and methodical assistance.
  • To take part in the international activities of the department, faculty (institute) of the University, to establish and maintain international cooperation in the profile of the department with domestic and foreign institutions of higher education, research organizations, enterprises and institutions.
  • To participate in the development of the staff schedule of the department.
  • Together with the dean of faculty (the director of institute) to carry out selection and acquisition of staff of faculty, scientific research, educational-production and educational and auxiliary personnel of faculty, to provide rational distribution of duties between them, to promote creation of a normal psychological climate in collective.
  • To ensure the preparation and storage of all types of documentation and reporting on the results of the department, in accordance with the approved nomenclature.
  • To control the compliance of students and employees of the department of labor protection and fire safety rules.
  • Avoid personal interests that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Take measures and create conditions to counteract corruption within the scope of their authority.
  • Ensure anti-corruption measures are taken at the department.
  • Notify the immediate supervisor of all cases where any persons have approached him or her, with a view to inducing him or her to commit corruption offences.
  • If an employee creates any intellectual property objects, within the scope of his or her official duties, the exclusive rights to such objects belong to the University.