Free Princess SVG Files

Princess SVG – one of the highest titles of the aristocracy, which has several meanings.

Title Values

In English, French, Italian and a number of other languages, the word Princess SVG is understood to mean the sovereign princes (known in the German-speaking tradition as Furst). For example, this is how the title of monarch in Monaco sounds in Russian texts. In Western European languages, it is also often used in a generalized abstract sense (“princes”, “sovereign”, “monarch”, cf. the title of Machiavelli’s work “sovereign” is Italian il Principe).

In Russian, as in many European languages, the prince is a representative of direct descendants of monarchs. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the heir to the throne was called “Crown Prince” or Crown Prince. At present, Crown Princes are the heirs to the throne in Scandinavian monarchies – Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Also, the heirs of the heads of some of the ruling houses of Europe (for example, Prince of Hesse, Prince of Savoy, Prince of Bavaria) are called princes.

In some monarchies, the title of heir to the throne has historically been associated with a certain area in the country that was nominally under his rule: for example, the heir to the British throne has the title of Prince of Wales by the name of the Principality of Wales, the Spanish heir – Prince of Asturias by the name of the Principality of Asturias, the Dutch – Prince of Orange by the name of the Principality of Orange, etc.

The female version of the title is a princess, but the wives of princes are also called princesses.

In pre-revolutionary France, the word “prince” was used in both senses: about the first one, see “Prince”. The foreign prince, the second Prince of Blood, the Principality (France). Unlike French and English, German has separate words for the sovereign prince (German: Fürst) and the prince as the owner of the title of nobleman and prince – the offspring of the ruling house; the prince of Liechtenstein wears the first of them.