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Portrait SVG (French portrait, from Old French portraire – “to reproduce something in line”, from Latin persona – “persona”) – the image or description of any person or group of people who exist or existed in reality, including artistic means (paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, photographs, printing, video), as well as in literature and criminology (verbal portrait).

Portrait SVG in literature is one of the means of artistic characteristic, consisting in the fact that the writer reveals the typical character of his characters and expresses his ideological attitude to them through the image of the appearance of characters: their figures, faces, clothes, movements, gestures and manners.

In the fine arts portrait is a separate genre, the purpose of which is to display the visual characteristics of the model. “The portrait depicts the appearance (and through it the inner world) of a specific, real, past or present person. The portrait is a repetition in plastic forms, lines and colours of a living face, and at the same time its ideological and artistic interpretation.

This article is devoted to the examination of the portrait in the fine arts.

Portrait SVG History

The development of the Portrait SVG genre is influenced by two trends – the progress of technical visual skills, such as the mastery of anatomy and composition, the ability to build a canvas, as well as the development of ideas about the importance of the human personality and individuality. The portrait reaches its peaks in the period of belief in the capabilities of man, his mind, his effective and transformative power: “The portrait in its modern function is the creation of the European culture of the new time with its idea of the value of the individual in man, that the ideal is not opposed to the individual, but is realized through him and in him. That’s why the genre is in decline in the 20th century: “How can it flourish when we are so much doubt about ourselves? The heyday of the portrait is considered to be a Roman sculptural portrait, a portrait of the Renaissance, the XVII and the 2nd half of the XVIII centuries.