Free Porcupine SVG Files

The Porcupine SVG is a mammalian animal and belongs to the rodent group, the porcupine family (Latin: Hystricidae).

In the rodent classification, a separate family of woodcutters or American porcupines (lat. Erethizontidae) is distinguished, which live in the Americas. Externally, they look like animals from the Porcupine SVG family, but have smaller sizes and shorter needles on the back of the back.

The Porcupine SVG are some of the most amazing representatives of the world fauna, the appearance of which does not allow to confuse these animals with any other. Distinctive feature of representatives of family porcupine are the longest needles among all mammals. Length of needles of a porcupine can reach 50 sm at a thickness about 7 mm.

The longest (up to 50 cm) needles of the porcupine are located on the back. They are poorly kept in the animal’s body and often fall out, but do not cause the animal discomfort or any injury. Between the long needles there are thick, shortened, strongest needles up to 15-30 cm long, under which the soft fur of the porcupine is hidden. Hair covers the head, lower body surface and lower limbs of the animal. On the tail of the porcupine, apart from the bristle, there are peculiarly altered thick needles of a glass-shaped shape.

Needles of the Porcupine SVG are hollow inside or filled with spongy horn substance. In case of danger of porcupines with the help of developed back muscles makes the needles rise and bend backwards, shaking the “fur coat”, producing a crackling resembling rattlesnake sounds (except for the long-tailed porcupine). The porcupine’s bristle-haired hair is brown with different intensities, and the needles covering the sides, back and tail of the animals are colored with alternating black and white stripes.