Free Pizza SVG Files

Pizza SVG is an Italian national dish in the form of a round open yeast bread covered in a classic version with tomato sauce and melted cheese. Cheese (usually mozzarella) is the main ingredient in the pizza filling. One of the most popular dishes in the world, both in home cuisine and in restaurants, cafes and fast food.

Pizza SVG History

A prototype of pizza was some meals served on slices of bread in the houses of ancient Greeks and Romans. In connection with the import of tomatoes to Europe in 1522 in Naples, the first Italian pizza appeared. In the 17th century, a special kind of bakers, pizzaiolo (Italian “pizzaiolo”), who made pizza for Italian peasants, appeared.

The wife of the Neapolitan king Ferdinand IV, Maria-Carolina of Habsburg-Lorraine (1752-1814), and later the Italian king Humberto I and his wife Margarita of Savoy, in whose honour one of the recipes and a variety of pizza was named, Margarita. Although there’s an opinion that it’s just a legend. In the U.S. pizza came at the end of the second half of the XIX century, along with Italian immigrants and for the first time, apparently, appeared in Chicago. In 1957, a semi-finished pizza appeared. By the end of the XX century, ready-made frozen semi-finished pizza products, which are enough to heat up in a microwave oven or oven before use.

Pizza SVG Preparation

Classic pizza dough is made of special flour (Farina Di Grano Tenero, tipo 00), natural yeast (yeast), salt and water. The dough is stirred manually and sent for a two-hour rest, after which it is divided into balloons and sent for a long rest – about 8 hours. Hands from a ball forms a basis for pizza, dough is covered with tomato sauce or its analogues. After that it is possible to add almost any stuffing. Classic pizza is baked in a special wood stove called the Pompeii stove and has the shape of a hemisphere vault. There are also deck ovens and conveyor ovens for baking pizza. In wood-burning stoves, the fire is set from one side; the heat from it, rising upwards, falls into the focus of the sphere and is reflected in the center of the stove to the middle of the pitch, heating it. For this reason, pizza is cooked in this oven for about 90 seconds, and in the home – in a preheated oven at 250-275 ° C from 8 to 10 minutes.