Free Pitbull SVG Files

Pitbull SVG are divided into two main types – terriers and bulldog type, there are also two mixed types. Weight is not strictly limited and can vary from 12 to 36 kg, but usually 14-28 kg. The pit bull terrier can have any color (except for the Merle color), it can be solid or tiger, as well as with marks. Ears can be bought, they can’t be bought. They don’t buy a tail. The head can be both wide and short on bulldogs’ heads and “shilomorda” in terrier style.

The character of the pit bull terriers is very volitional, they are characterized by high excitement and strong morale. They’re prone to zoo-aggression. Pitblerrier is a good place to stay in a normal city apartment, but they just need regular sports walks and socializing with their relatives. A pit bull terrier will be more comfortable with the owner’s family, as constant loneliness can have a negative impact on the dog’s psyche. Leaving a dog and its children unsupervised is prohibited. He needs to be socialized, and every six months he needs to bathe and comb his hair periodically.

Pitbull SVG History

Despite the fact that the pit bull terrier is the ancestor of the American Staffordshire Terrier, it is still considered unrecognized by the International Cynological Federation (FCI). The appearance of the rock is still not of a high standard. The American pit bull terrier breed is registered with the SEC and is banned in most EU countries. The rest of the countries have a number of strict rules for pit bull terrier maintenance.

The pit bull terriers have always been quite a popular breed in America. They were widely used in dog fights with other breeds of dogs. Bulldogs and terriers were used to create the breed. The first pit bulls gave them strength and perseverance, and the terriers gave them lightning-fast reactions, which made the breed a real machine for fighting, hunting and rescue.