Free Piranha SVG Files

Piranha SVG is a freshwater fish, which belongs to the class of rayfish, subclass of fir fish, infraclass bony fish, bone bubble brigade, a group of characinogenic fish. There are two classifications for the family. According to one of them, piranhas belong to the Characidae family, and the other to the Serrasalmidae family.

There are also different versions of the origin of the name piranha. According to one of them, the fish is named after the Portuguese word “pirata” – “pirata”. According to another version, the name comes from the words “pirate” and “ania”, which in the language of the Guaraní Indians denote, respectively, “fish” and “evil”. Fish are sometimes referred to as “river hyena”, “Caribbean fish”, “devilfish”, “toothfish”, “toothy demon”, giving nicknames that characterize its temperament and appearance. Alternatively, the names “Piraya” and “Piraya” are used.

Piranha SVG – description of the fish. How does a piranha look like?

Contrary to the stereotype, among dozens of piranha species, more than half eat plant foods. There is even a species that eats scales. The rest of the species are typical predators, but only 4 of them are particularly dangerous for people and animals (this list includes ordinary piranhas and large piranhas). With the existing differences between the family members, there are still some similarities.

The piranhas have a tall, highly compressed body that is approaching the disk in shape. The largest fish in the family is the brown paca (lat. Colossoma macropomum), the maximum length of its body can reach 108 cm. By the way, this giant weighs 40 kg. The minimum size of the family is 10-14 cm, as in the case of silver metinnis (lat. Metynnis argenteus). Females of piranhas are larger and thicker than males, and males have a brighter coloration.

Predatory piranhas have a large head with a blunt face and strong mouth muscles. The lower jaw protrudes forward like a bulldog. The jaws have very sharp, wedge-shaped teeth with deep roots. They are planted in the form of oncoming teeth of the saw and close without the slightest gap when bitten. The lips of the fish are thick and cover the teeth so that only the tips are visible. Piranha jaws are very strong. On the lower jaw there are up to 77 teeth, on the upper one – up to 66.

Where do the Piranhas SVG live?

The piranhas’ habitat covers almost all of South America. Piranhas are found in the rivers of the Amazon, Parana, Uruguay, Essecibo and Orinoco basins. They are part of the fauna of Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Colombia. Piranhas live in freshwater reservoirs: rivers, channels, ditches, floodplains and lakes. The proximity of the sea is avoided. They are unable to reproduce in salt water and can only live in warm waters. The freezing bodies of water are not threatened by the resettlement of these fish.