Free Pine SVG Files

Pine SVG is an evergreen coniferous tree, bush or stlanik, belongs to the class of conifers, pine trees, pine trees, and pine trees. Duration of life of a pine fluctuates from 100 to 600 years. Today, there are a few single trees, whose age is approaching 5 centuries.

It is still not clear which word is the basis of the Latin name of the pine Pinus. According to some reports, it is a Celtic pin (rock or mountain), while others – the Latin picis.

Pine SVG – description and characteristic of the tree

The pine tree grows very quickly, especially in the first 100 years. The trunk height of the pine tree varies from 35 to 75 meters, and the trunk diameter can reach 4 meters. On swampy soils and in unfavourable growth conditions, the height of the age-old trees does not exceed 100 cm.

Pine SVG is a light-loving plant. Blossoming time comes at the end of spring, but the process takes place without flowers. As a result, pine cones are formed, which differ in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

Men’s cones of most types of pine trees have elongated, cylindrically ellipsoidal shape and length up to 15 cm. Female pine cones are mainly rounded, broadly egg-shaped or slightly flattened, ranging in length from 4 to 8 cm. Color of cones, depending on the species, can be yellow, brown, brick-red, purple and almost black.

Pine SVG seeds have a hard shell and can be both winged and wingless. In some types of pine (cedar pine) seeds are edible.

Pine – a tree whose crown has a conical shape, turning into a huge umbrella in old age. The structure of the bark also depends on age. If at the beginning of the life cycle it is smooth and almost without cracks, then by the age of one hundred it acquires a fair thickness, cracked and dark gray color.

The appearance of the tree is formed by long, rustic shoots, on which grow needles and needles. Pine needles are smooth, hard and sharp, bundled and have a life span of up to 3 years. Pine needles are triangular or sectorial in shape. Their length varies from 4 to 20 cm.

Depending on the type of pine trunk, it can be straight or curved. Shrubby pine varieties have a multi-tipped crown of the stem type, formed by several trunks.