Free Pigeon SVG Files

Pigeons SVG are birds from the squadron of pigeons, pigeon families. The wild pigeon was tamed about 5,000 years ago, and possibly 10,000 years ago.

Pigeon SVG – descriptions. Coloring of pigeons.

The length of the pigeon’s wing is 20-27 cm, the weight varies from 200 to 650 g.

The color of the pigeons can be quite different. Some species and breeds of pigeons are colorful, like parrots, or with tails like peacocks. Not surprising are the pink pigeons, yellow, peach or coffee pigeons. Pigeons can be of the same color, colored or have a pattern in their plumage. There are species with herringbone plumage or a large number of feathers near the head or legs.

What do pigeons eat?

Pigeons SVG eat seeds, fruit trees and berries. Birds living in cities can eat food waste (wheat, corn, oats, barley). Sometimes pigeons eat insects. In general, birds prefer to live near human dwellings, so it is easier for them to find food for themselves. Pigeons are quite unpretentious when it comes to choosing a source of food because they have very few taste receptors in their mouths: 37 taste buds compared to the 10,000 taste buds they have in humans.

When a pigeon drinks, it draws in water as if it were a straw, and other birds mainly grab a few drops with their beaks and then throw their heads down to get water down their throats.

Where do Pigeons SVG live?

Pigeons live everywhere except Antarctica and the polar region. Although the number of pigeons has been as high as 5 billion, they are extinct because of deforestation in North America.