Free Pig SVG Files

Pig SVG is a mammalian animal from the mammalian class, a pair of hoofed animals, a ruminant group, and a pig family. Most likely, the pig got its name for its exceptional fertility. 

A strong, slightly elongated body of a Pig SVG can reach a length of more than one and a half meters. The skin of the pig is covered with rare, rough, bristle hair. The pig’s long muzzle with a movable nose-hobot ends with a cartilage disk with a “patch” allowing the animal to dig up food from the ground. The pig has 44 teeth, 4 of which are perfectly developed fangs. The upper canines have a curved shape.

The weight of the pig, depending on the species, ranges from 45 to 400 kg. Legs are shortened, four-toed, with well developed lateral toes.  Tail is corkscrewed. The pig’s ears are large, but the eyes are small. From their wild ancestor, wild boar, pigs inherited poor eyesight, but very sharp sense of smell and excellent hearing.

Pigs SVG are not dirty animals at all and like to lie in the mud not because of idleness. Drying out on the pig’s skin, the dirt falls off along with the parasites that lived on the animal. In addition, mud baths help the pig to cool the body in hot weather.

The impressive size and short legs do not prevent the Pig SVG from being agile enough animal. The speed of the running pig reaches 17 km/h. If necessary, these seemingly clumsy animals swim well.

Contrary to popular belief, the most common color of pigs is not pink, but gray. White, brown, spotted and black are less common.

Under decent captivity conditions, the pig’s life expectancy is 10-15 years. Long-lived animals can be found among the large breeds: a healthy animal can live up to 35 years with good care.

In the wild, the pig lives on average 7-8 years. Females are more vulnerable because of the large number of offspring and the need to stay close to the offspring. Belligerent wild boars often survive up to 12-15 years.