Free Pheasant SVG Files

The common Pheasant SVG belongs to the group of hens, the subfamily Phasianinae, is one of the domesticated species, in nature is exposed to danger from hunters.

Pheasant SVG – description.

Male pheasants are always larger than females. The length of the bird’s calf is 85 centimeters, and the weight of the carcass can reach two kilograms. A distinctive feature of an ordinary pheasant is the neoprene ring around the eyes. The pheasant has a very long wedge-like motley tail, the fly wings are rounded. The male pheasant has spurs on his paws, which he uses during the battles for the female.

Male pheasants are always brighter, have a metallic shine on feathers. The head and neck of the male half of the yellow-green individuals with a dark purple tint from below. The pheasant’s back feathers, golden with black opals, slowly turn into copper-red and purple feathers of the tailings. Tail feathers have a yellow-brown hue with copper-violet edges. The ring around the eyes is naked and bright red.

Female pheasants are not as colorful as males. They are always either light brown or gray-sandy with black spots or dashes on feathers.

Pheasant SVG is mostly a settled bird, which chooses for their homes forests, undergrowth and bushes of thorny shrubs. This provides them with some protection from predators – the fox is unlikely to want to climb into thorny bushes without much need. Birds such as pheasants nest near water bodies, often along rivers or lakes. Frightened birds will not snap out of place or fly to the top of the tree, but rather hide in dense thickets. This is probably why these birds’ nests are probably located directly on the ground. Pheasants are only climbed on trees to get high-growth fruits, mainly in late autumn or winter, when there is less food on the ground.