Free Petunia SVG Files

Petunia SVG is a perennial or annual, herbaceous or semi-shrubby flowering plant, which belongs to the class of dicotyledonous, nightshade, nightshade, petunia.

The first name of petunias Nicotiana axillaris appeared due to the French scientist Jean Baptiste Lamarcus, who in 1793 discovered and described this plant during a scientific expedition to South America. This small mistake has arisen because of similarity of leaves of these plants to leaves of tobacco. When, ten years later, several more species similar to Nicotiana axillaris were found, they were separated into a separate genus, which was named Petunia from the Brazilian word “petun”, meaning “tobacco”. The Russian definition of the plant “petunia” appeared as a result of free reading of the scientific name of the flower.

Petunia SVG – description. How does petunia look like?

Petunia is a plant with a weakly branched root system of the rod type with appendage roots and shallow occurrence. The stems of petunia are rounded, green, densely branched, with second- and third-order shoots. Depending on the type or variety, they can be either upright or stemmed, short (20 to 30 cm high) or tall (with a stem height of 60 to 70 cm).

The leaves of petunias are various in shape and size, sitting or with short cuttings, and are coloured green or dark green. They are arranged in the following order on the shoots. Both the leaves and stems of these plants are completely covered with fine hairs.

Petunias SVG with short pedicels, single, funnel-shaped flowers with a socket extending to the top, are located in the sinuses of the plant’s leaves. The corolla with a diameter of 5 to 16 cm is formed by five smooth or folded petals, the edges of which can be smooth, wavy and even corrugated.

The colouring of petunias amazes with a variety of colours and shades. The main background of the flower can vary from snow-white to light pink and dark purple, or from gentle lavender to blue-black. In addition, darker veins, piercing flower petals, contrast spots, light edges of the corollander or flower center give the overall color of Petunia SVG a deeper saturation.

After the plant blossoms, the fruit is formed in the form of a bivalve box with fine seeds, the number of which ranges from 100 to 300 pieces.

Where does Petunia SVG grow in the wild?

The natural habitats of petunias include Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. One species is found even on the North American continent. In the warm climate of these countries, petunias are perennial. Due to their beauty and variety of forms of bushes and flowers, petunias have become popular among florists. Today, these flowers are cultivated in countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, including all over Russia, as well as in Central, Central and South-West Asia. In cooler climates, petunias are grown as annual plants. In addition, in many countries of the world, petunias are favorite homemade flowers that grow in pots on window sills, in drawers or hanging vases on balconies.