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The nation is a historical community of People SVG.

It is used in the scientific literature in two main meanings – in political and in cultural-ethnic. The word taken in the first meaning is a synonym of the concept of “nation”, taken in the second meaning – a synonym of the concept of “ethnos”. The population should be distinguished from the concept of population. According to experts in international law, belonging to a single people implies the presence of certain historical, cultural and practical ties.

Traditionally, the word “people” is a central concept, interpreted on the basis of the opposition of “the stranger’s brother-in-law”: in folklore legends and beliefs, the notion of the norm is associated with its people, while “strange” people are considered as abnormal in physical, social or moral terms.


People – the term ethnography (formed from the Greek words, in the sum meaning “people’s description”), and it is understood as an ethnos, that is, a group of people, common on certain signs. According to the original Primordialist interpretation, this is an origin (blood kinship). Later, as a sign, a number of secondary features – language, culture, territory, religion, historical past, etc. – were used.

The use of the word “people” in the meaning of a larger, non-ethnic concept of the nation is typical for politicians to denote the entire population of a state, regardless of its ethnicity. Therefore, one ethnos may live on the territories of different states and parts of the country and may be included in different “peoples”, and maybe even unite into a single “people” of different ethnicities.

Psychological meaning

People SVG are several generations of people who have been in kinship relations with each other for centuries and continue to reproduce kinship relations between themselves through the birth of children. People, as a collective subject, are a means of realizing the individual needs of their members. Uniting in people, individuals solve the problem of provision of personal immortality through preservation of their unique genetic material in their direct descendants. The ultimate metaphysical goal of the nation is to provide each member of the nation with a personal kinship with the historical phenomenon – “the last person on earth”, in the face of which the metaphor of victory over the mortality of an individual and the victory of life over death as such is personified. Most of the regulatory and normative systems of human society are tools created by people in order to achieve the phenomenon of “the last person on earth” in the most distant future.