Free Pear SVG Files

Pear SVG is a representative of a sort of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. It belongs to the dicotyledon class, flower class, rose-colored class, pink class, pear class (Latin Pyrus).

In the Old Russian chronicles of the 12th century, the pear is mentioned as a “crush”, presumably because of the characteristic crunch when biting fruit, and is in harmony with some Slavonic names: crushka (Czech), crushka (Bulgarian).

Description of the Pear SVG.

Most of the pears are deciduous trees. Under favorable growth conditions, the trunk can be up to 25 m high and the crown diameter can be up to 5 m. Wild pear species have a thick pyramidal or rounded crown shape. Pear leaves are wide, ovoid-shaped, dark green with a glossy top, spirally arranged in 5 rows.

Flowers of pear are white, rarely pinkish, five-petal, collected in umbrella-shaped inflorescences of 3-9 pieces. The ovaries of the pistils are joined to the flower beds and have the form of a cup.

The pear fruit of most species of oblong shape, extended to the bottom, although there are varieties with spherical shape of fruits, resembling an apple.

The Pear SVG wood is hard, dense, with a thin texture and barely noticeable annual rings. Thanks to the presence of special “stone cells” dried raw materials can be easily processed. Processed with a black stain, pear wood perfectly imitates expensive ebony, and under the influence of hot air becomes red. With natural aging, pear wood acquires a distinctive amber colour.

The average life expectancy of a Pear SVG is 150-200 years, although some pear tree species survive up to 300 years.