Free Peacock SVG Files

Peacock SVG is considered to be the most beautiful bird in the world, and the tail of the peacock has an extraordinary beauty. The peacock (Pavo cristatus), or Indian peacock, is the most numerous type of peacock, belongs to the group of pheasant, pheasant and peacock species.

Although Indian peacocks are part of the chicken group, it has been proven that this species is genetically closer to the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) than to the chicken (Gallus gallus).

Description of Peacock SVG

Ordinary peacocks have a long, graceful neck and a small head with a small crest: males have blue crest and females have brown ones, matching the color of plumage. The peacock’s voice is sharp and not very pleasant. The body length of a peacock of a male reaches 100-125 cm, tail length – 40-50 cm, thus length of covering feathers of a super-tail is equal to 120-160 cm. The weight of the male peacock is 4-4.25 kg. In the feather of this beautiful bird there are a variety of colors: the back is green, head, part of the chest and neck are blue, the bottom of the body is black. The female peacock is shallower and has a more modest, brownish color.

Peacock SVG tail.

The riot of plumage paints and luxurious fan-like eye tail have created a peacock image of the most beautiful bird in the world. Interestingly, only males can boast of such beautiful tails, and females of this species are less fortunate. Their plumage does not smell of paint, but consists only of grayish-brown tones. Ornithologists call it sexual dimorphism. It turns out that what we call the tail of a peacock is actually nothing but feathers of the tails. It’s all about the height and position of the pen. Shorter feathers cover longer feathers that reach 1.5 meters in length. The feather consists of rare thread-shaped fibers with a bright “eye” at the end.

The Peacock SVG is the most beautiful bird in the world.

Peacocks are the most beautiful and largest birds in the world, which is why people are interested in this species. As an exotic miracle they were kept in Roman parks, first for aesthetic purposes, and then they were caught and served at the table during lush feasts. Meat peacock ordinary seasoned with different spices, it was considered one of the most delicious meat dishes. Nowadays peacocks are kept exclusively as ornamental birds.

Peacocks SVG can fly.

With the impending danger, an ordinary peacock can take off, but the flight will not be long and high: only a few meters ahead.