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The state of consent between members of a group, family and, in particular, between nations. According to Plato, Peace SVG with others is the result of inner Peace SVG, i.e. the absence of impulses to violence, aggressive tendencies rooted in an individual or nation. And this inner world, in turn, as Plato believes again, can arise only as a result of the balance of three qualities that form the character of the individual: his biological desires, heart (or valor) and spirit (or mind). At the national level, these three components correspond to: the economy (satisfying life needs), the army (embracing valor and male virtues), and political power (representing the basis for rational decisions). If the internal balance is lost either because of poverty, or because of an army that is too weak or too strong, or because of a fall in political power, then there is a danger of an external war; in the first case (poverty), it is “hunger” that pushes the individuals of a nation to conquer another country in order to borrow the missing benefits there; in the second case, the dominance of an aggressive element within the country will quickly lead to an outside expansion (example: National Socialism in Germany, 1936). – World War II); at last, the loss of authority and separation of political power from the nation leads to the weakening of the nation, which can lead to foreign intervention: a strong and balanced nation with an inner world naturally lives in the outside world. In short, the world is first of all an internal predisposition, and only then a form of relations with another. The problem of eternal peace between people – not in the sense of a utopian ideal, but in the sense of a concrete goal of political activity – has long occupied the minds of philosophers. What are the political conditions of peace in the world? Kant reflects on this problem in his work entitled “Towards eternal peace” (1795). According to Kant, the state of the world can indeed be established only when there is a more or less perfect political constitution that imperatively regulates not only the relations of individuals in the state, but also the relations of states. Such legal unity of people will make every person a “citizen of the world”. According to Kant, the heads of state will then have to set themselves the task not only of the benefit of their own country, but also of the world as a whole. De jure, the Kant’s response to this project was the Charter of the United Nations (UN), the intention of which is even to replace the international court in The Hague during international disputes. De facto, assistance to developing countries, i.e. assistance to countries whose populations suffer from hunger and the desire to establish friendly relations with most of them; because the political unity of states can only be realized on the basis of economic unity, which connects one state to another in a tangible way. A world political constitution with real power (and not the formal and ideal reality of the United Nations Charter) can only crown the economic unity of the major continental complexes that make up the world. Every century continues to give hope to the project of eternal Peace SVG. It is not limited to the disarmament project, which is also quite utopian, but can only become a truly political project when the economic, cultural and human ties between “warring” nations or groups of nations are so strong and fruitful that political unification will emerge from them by itself. The idea of war will be unacceptable only when all the people of the world are economically dependent on each other and when they have an intimate sense of belonging to the same community. The question is whether the prospects of a universal, global danger must be waited for such unity to finally materialize.