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Patriotism is a moral and political principle, a social feeling, the content of which is love for the Motherland and the desire to support the prosperity of the country, the fatherland, the love of the homeland, the homeland with its participation. Patriotism presupposes pride in the achievements and culture of one’s homeland, the desire to preserve its character and cultural peculiarities and identification of oneself (special emotional experience of belonging to the country and one’s citizenship, language, traditions) with other members of one’s people, the desire to protect the interests of one’s homeland and one’s own people, love to one’s homeland, country, people, attachment to the place of one’s birth and residence. Patriotism sometimes covers up chauvinism and xenophobia for selfish purposes.

History of the Patriots SVG

The historical source of patriotism is the existence of separate states for centuries and millennia, which forms attachment to the native land, language and traditions. In the conditions of formation of nations and formation of national states, patriotism becomes an integral part of public consciousness in the XVIII century, reflecting the national moments in its development.

Assigning patriotic feelings to other persons and patriotic coloring to some events, which assesses the person most often gives a positive characteristics.

The notions of patriotism are associated with love for the Motherland, but the idea of patriotism varies from person to person. For this reason, some people consider themselves Patriots SVG, while others do not consider themselves Patriots SVG.

In history, patriotism as a special feeling was called various phenomena in social relations. Often replacing the understanding of love for the homeland, for example, love for the state, etc.