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Passion SVG is a strong, overwhelming feeling of the person, characterized by enthusiasm or strong attraction to the object of passion. Objects of passion can be both people and objects and even ideas.

The word “passion” is most commonly used to refer to a high degree of sexual arousal in combination with an emotional attraction to a partner. Often, passion as a short-lived, transient feeling is identified with love, contrasting it with love.

Also, the word “passion” is used as a synonym for “emotion”, “affect”, “feeling” – that is, emotional processes in general.

Passion SVG In ancient Greek philosophy

In stoicism.

By the definition of Zenon, passion means impulse of the soul, chaotic and unnecessary. Passion is an impulse that, once being natural, has become uncontrollable, disobedient to the mind and, consequently, contrary to nature. For Cicero, it is a disease, but he adds that not all passions can be viewed in this way “All passions are diseases, and (…) their victims suffer from mental illness”; they constitute “pathological personality disorders”. That is, a wise man strives for apathy, for the destruction of passions.

In platonicism

For Plato, Passion SVG is more of a negative but inevitable phenomenon. In Timey, he excludes passion from the most elevated part of the soul, logistikon (Timey, 69 cd). In the Republic, he points out that every part of the soul has its own passion.

In Aristotleism

From Aristotle’s point of view, expressed in “Nicomatic ethics”, passions include not only lust and anger, but also friendship, courage and joy, i.e. they are neither good nor evil in themselves. They are neutral and should be used with moderation and reason.